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Help with my Allopass Payment (got no code)

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I just made a payment for 16 EUR with Allopass though immediate transfer to credit my account.

My bank account got debited, but i only got a transaction confirmation and no code in my E-mail.

I want to buy the 6 month subscription, but sadly i don't really know how to continue from here, a little help would be nice.


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Hello, for some code you have to wait few hours (to get them  by mail).

Enter the codes obtained here https://wrobot.eu/allopass/

You can check the available credit on your account here : https://wrobot.eu/clients/credit/

To obtain the code quickly the best way is to call. But, I don't have any information about the payments or the status of the payments. I get information and money only when you use a code (these codes can be used on several sites, that's why I don't get any information before a code validated on this site).

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Today i got the purchased codes via Email.

It took around 30 hours, just to let everyone know, who might have the same problem.

Thanks for your help. 🙂

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