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Detection status on Warmane?

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Hey, its been a while since ive been in the Wrobot scene or even playing WoW, but recently my IRL friends asked me to join them for some casual playing on Warmane Icecrown and im up for it, im just curious hows the detection status on icecrown server nowdays? I would be only using rotation bot. Also if the detection is rather high, is there any alternative to GSE addon which works at warmane 3.3.5a? I would be making neat 1 button macro for it, warmane forums has backported gse but I cant make any icons with it and that means i cant move the macro to my bars and use it.


Edit. I Was also considering the old Lazybot if theres people who remembers it, it had rotation bot also and was kinda configurable for tanking and dpsing, anyone uses that one on warmane and is undetected? Any other pointers would be appreciated.

Edit2. I managed to finally get the backported GSE to work, woop woop, but im still curious abut detection status on Icecrown.

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