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  1. Its implemented, it chooses the first one as default if it isnt made at quest profile to pick otherone, never had this issue before, thats why im pretty confused
  2. Update: The Q return is so fast i cant even react myself with bot on to select manually the Q reward, IMO it needs delay or something.
  3. Im not sure is it server or bot issue, but at the tauri wow crystalsong, the bot seems to try to return Q too fast, tried altering MS with multiple different options but no luck in there, no addons, otherwise the bot seems to run smooth, but when theres option to take Q reward it seems to stuck on " you need to select guest reward ". Doesnt do that everytime, just sometimes. But well makes it impossible to AFK, eventho I have profiles which should be fine (my own and bought).
  4. And also make sure u got default castbar visible.
  5. Yeah that worked, weird, never had to alter the MS, owell thx 🙂
  6. Yeah, mining/herb gathering is 2.5sec and quest object is 5secs, seems like it thinks its mining or herbing since it ends right at the 2.5sec mark.
  7. Hey. The topic says it pretty much whats the problem. Bot tries to gather quest object too fast, it thinks that it takes 2.5sec but it takes 5sec, this happens on vanilla+, otherwise the bot works great there. Fix for that would be nice.
  8. I only did write down path, prolly does that.
  9. I had folio hat theory that Lights hope is DDOS:ing youre path finding server to bring it down for catching up ton of bots at once, is there something like this possibly happened?
  10. Oops, forgot to add pulse, works now.
  11. Food/Drink, just scout through all of them and ull get hang of it.
  12. general settings tab, at the bottom enter advanced settings and scout those tabs there to learn a bit about wrobot. (theres tab for regeneration also)
  13. Check if theres "regeneration" in the process, while it stands still.
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