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OS broken after 2-8h of bot use (0xc0000142)

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Hello. I use Relogger since i use 3 bot instances. After a few hours (approx 2-8h) my game freeze, the bot crash and relogger want to restart both but start wow once and couldnt start the bot because of error "0xc0000142". The sad part is i cant launch any programm or windows feature after this. i try to take a screenshot of this error and windows tells me that snipping tool is broken, so i try to use the print function but i couldnt even start paint, i cant access the registy or even the taskmanager. After i try to reboot my PC with the start menu i am stuck in blackscreen. Screenshot took by my phone below. I need to force shutdown my PC with the case button.


What i try to fix this:

- Check disc space (every disc is >130GB free)

- Disable AV/Defender/etc. (with defender control)

- uninstall each Kernal AC (Vanguard/EAC/BE)

- sfc /scannow (no results)

- use different wrobot options (No DX hook, No Lock Frame, DX hook)

- use fresh WoW installation without any addons and cleared cache folder

- deactive wrobot plugins

- try different products/plugins/profiles

- uninstalled all Overlay software


So this only happens when i use wrobot (i didnt try it without relogger) on normal games or play wow by hand everything works fine. I will add an .rar file where i upload the errors from the eventmanager there is some error with the KERNELBASE.dll causeing by WRobot.exe.


If you need additional infos or testings, just let me know. [i hope the wrobot logs i provide are the correct one]





Logs.rar eventmanager.rar

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Check that your Windows is up to date.

Also check that you have installed the required applications (especially SlimDX and VC++) (links in the README.txt file located in the WRobot folder).

What about CPU/RAM usage ?

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Thanks for reply

- Windows is up to date (22H2 | 19045.2913)

- i re-installed/repaired everything from the "Rules for Help and Support" now

- CPU: 16% 4,07GHz (Ryzen 9 3900X) | RAM: 9,4GB/47,9GB (20%)


I will let run the 3 instances for the next 8-16-24h to test it and reply back the status. Thanks.

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I guess its fixed, i cant tell you what causes the problem, maybe some of the installation from the "Rules for Help and Support" was broken.


Thanks for the Help.

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