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C code causing character movement to stop when moving.

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When I am trying to use the arrow keys to run this c code is causing my character to pause until I move forward again then repeating the pause.

I have the following Conditions set.

Me In Combat - False

Hostile Unit Near - Number 20 - Radius 20 - Type SmallerOrEqual

Buff Time Left - Buff name Prowl - Number 1 - Type SmallerOrEqual


if (
            && !ObjectManager.Me.InCombat
            && wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWPlayer(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWPlayer()).Position.DistanceTo(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.Position) < 500
            robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Write("Player detected: cast Prowl");
            //wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("Prowl", true);


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