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Bots crashing randomly

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Hello. My 3 Bot instances crashing randomly from time to time (not all of them togather, mostly 1 or 2 alternating). I see some errors inside the log files:

"[E] 19:15:27.880 - GetReqWithAuthHeader(string url, String userName, String userPassword): System.Net.WebException: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (400) Ungültige Anforderung.
   bei System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   bei robotManager.Helpful.Others.GetReqWithAuthHeader(String url, String userName, String userPassword, String othersValue)"


It seems like the remote server respond with Error 400 (bad request). Now i ask myself if this is because of the german OS language because some possible fault for error 400 is some kind of bad syntax at the Client-Request. I run some WinMTR at the start of the crashes to the auth server (i dont post the ip here for obvious reason), it seems fine so far (this will explain why 1-2 bot instances will continue do there work). while crashing i restarted my router, i deactiveated all AV and Firewalls to be sure nothing is blocking this IP, but it didnt help. Just wait like 20-45 min. will help in most cases.


How can i fix this? because i guess the wow server admins will notice it when they see or getting alerted because of 2k instant char logins within 20 min. because Relogger want to force login again after that crash.


Sometimes there is an error with some meshing or pathfinding server aswell, the bot try to change the server then but mostly crash after it aswell.


at the bottom u see only 1 log bec the error message is the same in each logs.



19 Mai 2023 19H10 - WIjIg.log.html

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Sounds like a connection stability issue. But you seem to have done all the right things. Having a few errors from the 'Remote' function is not very serious in itself (and should not cause crashes).

You can :

  • Try without the 'Remote' option activated (you can deactivate this option at the bottom right of the WRobot window).
  • Install/reinstall required softwares (link in "readme.txt" file).
  • Do Windows updates
  • Try disable all Wow addons, bot plugin.
  • Try with others profile/fightclass

In the other logs (sessions where WRobot crash) there are no errors towards the end?

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