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KillandLoot - Won't TurnIn


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Hi, I'm having trouble with this simple LootandKill profile.  The profile picks up the quest, pulse the quest and off it goes to the hotspot to kill target ids, then it is supposed to - but doesn't - turn in the quest when it hits 8 for it's objective.  It just stays at the hotspot killing more targets.  I've watched the video and looked at other profiles and I'm not getting why it's not returning.  Any suggestions?


Thanks for your help.

Klaxxi Daily - Dreadspinner Extermination.xml

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I haven't accessed at this quest, Try to put 8 at "Objective count 2", if this not works put 8 at "Objective count 3"...
If after this not works, put 0 at all "Objective count" and activate settings "Auto detect objective count (1-4)".
Tell me if this works, I'll test again tomorrow if I have access at this quest.
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