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Arena problems


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This happens to me and it's random arenas, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. The log doesnt show anything.



Where is this fight.infight condition exactly ?

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I'm running on a new account. Not yet lvl 90 characters. So complicate to do some valuable duels with my friend to test.


But i made a test to know why wrotation not start when i enter in duel or in arena


By elimination i found that when condition Fight.Infight is used, the result is "false" even after entering in fight against other players.


All script using it not enter in combat because this condition stay at false in pvp (sometimes, but sometimes it's ok)


in few days i'll do a good topic with scripts and screenshots. I not yet respond just because i haven't yet a lot of time to do it well.

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 is true when WRobot is in combat (not if player is attacked)



To detect if player is attacked you can use it:

wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetNumberAttackPlayer() > 0



ps: In the last update I have added new WRotation option to attack all selected targets (without any check) (to avoid this problem).

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