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Sorry for bug, if you can post again your blurb.
Not important informations in the log files (if you speak about wrobot logs) (and if you found a line with dangerous informations tell me, I'll remove it of the logging system) (and when I request log file you can send me it by private message).
What do you want tell about "server transfer"?
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What I asked underneath was  :


I noticed your system allows for expanding using different languages.  Could you link me the APi documentation.  Also, which method does this use -- memory injection, lua injection, mpq/modification injection, reflection ?


Thanks in advance.

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MPQ no longer exists, now is CASC and WRobot don't have API for read/write in this. For memory read/write it is possible but not recommended (in the WRobot API you have all needed informations). I haven't written WRobot api documentation, you can view classes/methods with visual studio (add at your project in references wManager.dll and robotManager.dll, you can use C# of VB.net project).


Look this forum: http://wrobot.eu/forum/48-lua-programming/ ).


Do not hesitate if you need snippet code.

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