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Details How the Converter Works!


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This was posted in the release notes, when i get to a computer ill link it, but check the expanded release notes in news.


**Edit** sorry, this was added in Beta 5 and that was before the new site was launched, but here is the information


Version 1.0.0.BETA5

- Archaeologist > Fixed character running in incorrect directions between surveying.

- Added product Profiles Converters: Pirox Fly gatherer

MMoLazy Erus (Ground/Gather)

HonorBuddy (gathering)

Origional WowRobot (Gather/Fly)

The Noob Bot (gatherer/grinder)

- Battlegrounder > Added the ability to use Archaeologist, Fisherbot, Gatherer, Grinder and Pet Battles during bg queue.

- Battlegrounder > Fixed Player not found bug after bg.

- Added product Pet Battles (seperate from grinder product now).

- Pet Battle > Changes zones when your 3 pets have on average of the
required level for the next area (zone is on profile) (in the next
updates I'll add favorite pet's manager to level up more pets).

- Pet Battle > Added an option to revive even if only one pet is dead.

- FightClass creator > Add Hostile Unit Near Target and Unit Attack Player Near Target conditions.

- FightClass creator > Fixed "Target Is Player" condition error.

- New login system (now works with the new website). Enter your license key from 'My Purchases'

- Remote is now available with the new login system.

- Changelog translated by twizt3dkitty.

Adding 01/04/2013:

- Add login error information.

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It Is written when you launch product "Profiles Converters": (Pirox Fly gatherer, MMoLazy Erus (Ground and Gather), Gather Buddy, WowRobot Gather Fly, The Noob Bot gatherer and grinder)

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