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import / converse Profil of Honorbuddy/tuanha

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Hi all


I want know if we can converse profil of TuanHa, Honorbuddy (<< all user ban)

i have 2 account

1 for player raid with HB before the ban ;)

1 for Farm mmorobot


i used HB for raid beacause i have buy very best profils and i want used in mmorobot because our are not detected by Bli²


it is possible ?

i can pay for converse profil at the 6.2



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Can you share profiles please (you can try to use "Profiles Converters" product, if this don't works, in "Quester" product, go to "easy quest editor", in the tools you can found hb quest profiles converters)
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it is the files who i have buy i have too for dk and paladin


it is combat routine if you find how use with mmorobot i m very very happy ;)

but i dont know if it the same in HB i think it autoplay cooldown i you let check and thx for you help


PS : Droidz you speack French ?

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