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Failed to Setup Rotation - Hunter

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First, Love the way fight class design works, simple & fast, thank you


Here is where i stuck,


Hunter - Marksman -100lvl


Tools>Create Fight Class> Added 3 spells in this order by priority


Chimaera Shot

Aimed Shot

Steady Shot

------------------- (can do in seconds which is very cool)


Expected it to work like

1) if Chimaera Shot is castable cast then repeat from  1, else go to 2

2) if Aimed Shot is castable cast then repeat from 1, else go to 3

3) if Steady Shot is castble cast then repeat from 1, else go back to 1



What happened in practice;


Started WRobot, Alt+ Tab to Wow, Targeted the Dummy (tried also on normal mobs)

-It casts Chimaera Shot directly

-Then AimShot

-Then when it cant do Aim no more, Steady shot, aim so on...

But when Chimaera Shot cooldown ends, even tho it have enough focus and target ext. , it doesnt cast Chimaera Shot, rather later mostly right after a long cast of Aim shot or Steady



!!!----Which results Chimaera Shot sit idle and cause dps loss many times (not always)

It doesnt cast Aim Shot when it is possbile neither, instead it casts steady shot sometimes.




Tried to solve it by adding conditions to Aimshot and Steady shot not to cast when Chimaera Shot is up (which is not the solution i prefer, i rather expect the priorities to work as listed), i think i couldnt find the needed condition;

Cooldown Time Left ---

Is Spell Usable --

didnt get me where i want it



Tried all the possible options in spells menu and the preferences,

-spell settings (all settings)

-unlock fps limit

-improve combat rotation speed

-ignore Training Dummy

-latency intervals

didnt work as intended




I might be misinterpreted the way "fight class" works, but it works fine(perfect) with Warrior Class (with no casting abilities) as far as i observed


My original fight class file is much more bigger and complex, but when i realized it fails, i simplified it to this version till i got the unintended part figured out


Thanx in advance

(Please dont focus the way i tried to solve, but the result)




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-Chimaera Shot worked

I entered1 instead of 1000 to the cooldown time before (no description or info about it :(

     It is not the best solution tho coz if I have lets say 10 focus (below 35) left somehow, and Chimaera Shot is up , it wont cast Steady Shot to get more focus and make the Chimaera Shot, nor it can cast Chimaera since it hasnt enough Focus

     This is not the part i am interested btw


Cooldown Time Left condition works it seems, and I figured i didnt simplified my cycle enough to see the real problem

I realized Chimaera Shot is not the real problem, the problem is the casting spells (Aim and Steady) in the right order



It still cast Steady Shot even tho it can cast Aim Shot instead (without conditions) even tho Aim has higher priority




Lets say if I add Focus Bigger 90 to the contions of Aim Shot, 

   After Casting Aim Shot when the focus reaches 90, it casts Aim again even tho the focus is lower than 90 at the second cast, sometimes 3th time in the row way below the 90 focus

   (this is the part when Chimaera Shot cant get in between the shots, thats why it fails)

   AND After Steady Shot casts, focus reaches Bigger 90, It continues to cast Steady Shot, instead of Aim which has higher priority


!!!!--This situation causes all the other Spells to get between those "casts in a Row", which fails the Priorty Casting and eventually dps


I think there is a "Spell buffer" to make casts more fluid and without delay which fails when the conditions change during the casts


HELP please,

Thanx in advance

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Much more simple case


Shadow Priest


-Vampiric Touch                Target Buff Casted By Me              Vampiric Touch - False




when the Debuff wear off mostly it casts Vampiric Touch Twice


Help me with this please



Vampiric Fail.xml

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I think its a glitch cos it does the same on mage with rune of power and frost bomb, double cast it even if the second time condition is not met, you can solve it by adding in spell a 5 second delay.

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