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Garrison: Starting Work Orders


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Hiya Droidz. Im using your quester profile to gather all ores and herbs at my garrison. I also added mine cart to it and all the boxes outside buildings to pick up ready work orders. I would like to add all the NPC at my garrison that start new work orders as well but it doesn't work. All the toon need to do is to talk to the NPC and leave it doesn't have to click anything as my Zygor Addon is doing it for me, every time i chat to a work order guys Zygor is queuing up maximum of work orders. Please help.



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Edit quest profile and replace "quest type" by "InteractWithNpc", add "hotspots" and "target entry" (of npc), in "Macro when interact" put 


You need to stop manually bot (otherwise the character will not stop). Sample: 


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