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MM hunter with pet.


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Currently i'm using the only mm hunter fightclass that works in tanaan jungle and doesn't get me killed while gathering. problem is if it attacks something (like a daggerfish hunter) that is phased out and evades every attack it won't stop. also this doesn't use the pet for spirit bond!!! how do i fix this please ::( i use the only mm hunter fightclass on the forumns here. ohrens didn't come in the download although it says that it is there. please any help at all would be fantastic.

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Do you use this fightclass: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/417-jons-marksman-hunter/ ?

If yes,

  1. Go to tab "Tools"
  2. Click on button "Create Fight Class"
  3. In new window click on button "Load FightClass" and select fightclass
  4. In "General Settings" (top/left of fightclass editor) select option "Call Pet spell name"  and put text "Call Pet 1" (don't forget to save).
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