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how to schedule the auction


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On 9/11/2015 at 4:06 PM, Droidz said:


Like this: 2015-09-11_16-04-02.thumb.png.8ad28bd9d5

Don't forget to activate "Relogger" option in the tab "General Settings" > "Enter advanced settings" > tab "Relogger".

Aha, that is why my bot never logged back on during my testings. 

I forgot to turn it on / fill it out on my alt. 

Thanks for the heads up. 

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A tip I can add is not using any fight profile (delete the name field) while using  the auction function. So your char wont do any retarded buffing and stuff that gives no sense out of no where. 


And remove the mount name, so it dont mount and run into the AH wall/ceiling.

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