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how to random the path


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Anyone know how to random the path? like HB they have function can random the X Y Z. So for the one profile can get some random path.

This is very important for someone have more then 10 account use the same profile.

something in C#


Random rn = new Random();
int rnb= rn.Next(1, 10)
switch (rnb)
        case 1:
         <Vector3 X="607.8696" Y="1595.938" Z="377.7314" />
        case 2:
         <Vector3 X="607.8686" Y="1595.939" Z="377.7318" />



just random the x,y,z by percentage

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If you use "Gatherer" bot, in "Product Settings" you can activate option "Randomise path" (path is randomised by distance max, and randomised at all laps).

I don't have added this feature at others bot, but if you need it I can give you script to randomise profile position manually.

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