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[bug report] easy to get blockage - down up down up in the few second


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I don't know why Wrobot get blockage most of time.  Before I set 25 blockages to logout, the bot only run about a hour. don't think this is path issue, since I use short schedule temporary to solve this issue, when I set 20-30 gatherer and 5-10 logout, the bot will not get blockage.

I have recorded during the bot run, look like bot find something on the ground try go get it , but nothing there so and 1 ms bot let fly up. so in the case just down up down up in the few second.

17 九月 2015 15H19.log.html

18 九月 2015 14H12.log.html

18 九月 2015 15H27.log.html

19 九月 2015 19H30.log.html

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You get some error, can you try to install SlimDX .

Do you get again this problem (I have updated wrobot since your post).

Do you have try to use another's profile (it is possible that your profile has outdated).


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