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Best item for the Auction bot?


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I'm just getting started trying to get a hang of the auction bot. So far, I'm thinking of either trying to dominate the glyph market, or just flipping Felblights and leathers.


What have y'all found to be the most profitable, and can you suggest a setup that'd generally work for simple like Felblights to start? Thank you!

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There is another very lucrative auction item(s). generally pick them up at vendor for 2-9 silver, and sell at AH for about 90-600g :-) .
I only found this out by mistake.

I'll share one item, and that is +5 or +10 fishing pole :-) . Not sharing any more, as I need golds for training and mounts, and I don't buy or farm gold, too expensive and looks boring as watching paint dry :-) .



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