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[Gatherer] No combat possible?


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Hi, I was running Gatherer, and I realised that if the character is in combat, even with black fightclass it would start autoattacking the target.

With Stable rank 2, when gathering you won't be dismounted by anything unless you get attacked by other faction, so it would be much faster at gathering if the character doesn't engage any mobs. However, even with "Don't start fighting" ticked on, and unticked "start fighting with elite", "attack before being attacked", it engages the mob by autoattacking which dismounts the character.

Is there a way to completely remove any combat function, where it won't do anything when getting in a combat?


Kind regards

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Normally WRobot dismount only if attacked and near the mine/herb (to avoid to fail farm), or if harvest are cancel (if the player get domage during harvest, farming is cancel).

You can avoid nodes with hostiles units near with option "Max unit near...", if you use druid you can activate option "Ignore combat is druid form...", but you cannot skip node if you are attacked.

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