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Trouble with profle creator for entrance to a dungeon


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I'm trying to create a simple profile for dungeon. In dungeon I have to kill trash, get out of the dungeon and go back,

I start in front of the dungeon and with "Profile creator" make route. I starting "wrobot grinder" and character going to teleport. After teleport char try to go to unreachable point =(

In "profile creator" i use diffrent zone before and after teleport. What am i doing wrong? =)




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Thanks, i try record the path in one grinder zone, but char comes into the portal is not correct, it is noticeable. Funny, but at the same profile in Gatherer mode three times out of four runs dungeon fine and  In the fourth case the failure occurs.

Now i make this route in "quests editor", and it works fine, but i don't know с# and lua =(. I need help.

The character must run on the route and dismaunt at a certain points. In grinder profile it looks like:

<Vector3 X="-315.366" Y="-127.6997" Z="45.2065" />
<Vector3 X="-313.3956" Y="-120.6769" Z="45.57105" Action="dismount" /> - and it works.

First way for this problem I see: I try copy/paste this route in  <HotSpots>. Route works good, action didn't work. How to make it work in the quester mode?

Or second way : use IsCompleteCondition, when the char reaches a certain point (if X=-313.3956 and Y-120.6769 return true) and use lua:dismount();
I do not know what to write in " <IsCompleteCondition>return "

Or is there a simpler way?

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The easy way is to use Grinder or Gatherer product to make dungeon profile (tuto and sample here: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1925-sample-dungeon-profile/?do=findComment&comment=9355 )

To check position you can use c# code (IsCompleteCondition):

return wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(new robotManager.Helpful.Vector3(-313.3, -120.6, 0)) < 2;


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Hi. I return to my problem again,

Profile in grinder mode sometimes running properly, sometimes not, In 3 times from 4 runs char go from point1 then teleport to dangeon, and go to the point2, but in 4-th run char after teleport cannot find route: [Path-Finding] Cannot find path: Firelands1 - -318,42;115,473;547,313 - 2959,75;1002,55;-3994,61. and run to the unreachable point, =(

There are points,

point1        <Vector3 X="3981.325" Y="-2930.442" Z="1002.547" />
point2        <Vector3 X="-547.313" Y="318.42" Z="115.473" />

And I don't know why =(. Probably should be a delay before teleport? But I do not know how to set it. I tried use Action="lua: sleep(5000);" or  Action="c#: Thread.Sleep(1000 * 5)" , and it's not work (i don't know C# and lua)

I attached a log file.

Thank you for answer,

24 ноя 2015 00H49.log.html

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Hi, I wrote this profile in "Quest editor", it's works but I however sometimes dying for an unknown reason (I still deal with this).

The next question:

1.Why after death char go to the entrance, but does not go into the portal to the Firelands?

2. Why sometimes after death char fly to the portal and before entering shoots up and hang out there until don't get 25 blockages and go out from the game?

3. Somehow when I create a quest FollowPath - char miss this quest and run to the exit, Why? it doesn't work in Dangeon?

4. Why if char goes astray (for example on 6th quest) it returns to the nearest point of the 1th quest? He's finished the previous 5, why it don't come back to the ends of the 4-th?


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I understand why the character dies.- it tries to sell/repair items in fight,
I use
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, and set go to vendor when "min free bag slots"=10, and i don't have special bags, and sell all except what is wrote in "do not sell list".

Sometimes char sells items when has full bags

But often I watch a situation: after kiiling a pack of mobs and looting (it has 80-100 free slots), char summons the Mammoth and run along the route, on halfway (he get aggro some packs of mobs already) he begins selling, 0_o  And mobs can kill him in that time. In my route char should gather big pack of mobs on mount on a certain route , then dismount and kill them all,

How i can to configure the bot to sell items when he only not in fight, and only he has full bags and immediately after killing,  Is it possible?

Please, help :)


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On 1.12.2015 at 3:51 AM, odd_hippo said:


4. Why if char goes astray (for example on 6th quest) it returns to the nearest point of the 1th quest? He's finished the previous 5, why it don't come back to the ends of the 4-th?


Hi, im facing this exact issue. Somehow it randomly jumps to some other quest step and it's not following the order, even though it should just continue.

Did you find a solution for your problem ? It doesnt seem to be related to any specific profile. It's seems to be super random, can anyone else confirm this issue ?


As you can see on the picture, after the Fifthpull and KillAllMobs it should just exit the instance, but isntead it goes back up to the 12 Step, thirdPull. There is no special magic or lua happening there, just normal steps with followpath and killandloot.


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On 26.11.2015 at 4:48 PM, Droidz said:

In Grinder "Product Settings" do you have activate option "Back to last profile position"?

Hello all, hello Droidz, I have same problem, I create grinder profile like in you instruction, but when bot exit from dungeon, he run in unreachable point and dont back. How this fix ?? Because I don find  in this topic.

And second request, how to make bot paused at the exit of dungeon ???

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