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Wrobot for Pandawow 5.4.8


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I actually have the version for Pandawow and i'm still trying to create a fight class wich can be used as "Healing sphere" bot for my MW monk.

I guess it's possible since you added the function "AOE SPELL" but actually my fight class is doing nohing.

I also tried the condition via Lua function :


so that he use the orb below my target whenever i press the key "5" but that won't work for any reason.

using Wrobot 1.2.0


EDIT: I actually just wrote the ORB thing into the "Ohren - windwalker" profile and yes in a BG he gives hisself the orb when hes below 80% (my condition) any idea how to change that that he will only do that when i press a key ?

I guess i simply failed with my Lua script. But since ive no clue how to work with lua, is anyone here who knows how to write a script into the Fight class that the condition is : "If key pressed" ? 

also which bot should i use. As soon as i use rotation bot my MW is trying to do melee hits >.>

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I am sorry but I cannot help you, he have a lot of change since WRobot for MoP.

You can look this: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1118-snippets-of-lua-codes-for-fightclass/?do=findComment&comment=6551 , but the best way is to create fightclass in C# (more possibility).

I'll soon get out versions of WRobot for private servers (is versions will have the last additions of WRobot),and then I could help you properly.

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wow that would be great ! 

anyways thanks for the help. 

Anyways if someone has an idea how to write a C# script that should :

cast healing sphere below my my targets position when i press 5 and

below my position when i press strg + x 


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