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A question before I buy


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Hi there. I am planning to use this bot on retail and a 5.4.8 private server I play on. I've tried the trial out and I am happy with all the features and the API so far.

I plan on using the API to write my own combatrotation in c#.

However I have a question where I couldn't find an answer to.

Does the bot support framelock? I want to force the bot to execute a certain amount of code in 1 frame. The only settings I have found regarding this are "Unlock fps limit (improve reactivity) (need restart).

Or does the bot need WoW to render 1 frame to execute certain API commands? Because i know it can get verry laggy if you have a very advanced combat routine that checks auras etc of enemies and friendly units arround you and your WoW is only running at 30 fps. Good example is executing Lua code.

Is the bot able to do (for example) 100 Lua.DoString() within 1 frame or does it need WoW to render 100 frames to do the 100 DoString().


If the bot has framelock support. Does the older version that supports 5.4.8 have this feature as well?

Thats basically the only thing that holds me back from buying.

Regards :)




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Current WRobot version has the framelock, but not the old version (WRobot for wow 5.4.8).

I work on WRobot for private server (this version contain last WRobot features (framelock...) with the support of wow 5.4.8). But I cannot give release date for the moment.

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