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Interupt cast at 50%?


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Hey guys!

I love Wrotation but im having an issue.

First off im insta interupting witch i dont like.. none has reaction time like that :D

Ive tried using the "Casting time left" function but cant make it work.. i found some code

"if (not (UnitIsPlayer("target") and UnitIsPVP("target")) ) or (((GetTime()-startTime)*100/(endTime-startTime)) > 50) then "

Aparently this would make it interupt casting at 50% witch would look more normal but also get rid of most duke casting.

Ive tried entering it in a lua condition but just does nothing :( im a noob...

I MUST!! win at wow while doing as little as possible with ciggys and drinks in my hand.. any tips guys?

(i have no clue how to write lua or c or anything lol)


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