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[Suggestions] Some improvements which would make my life easier :D

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Hey Guys, 

I am using this great programm now since some days and i was trying to get the best results for my needs.


Right now i am having some troubles especially because i am running 9 bots with 1 party leader basically something like multiboxing but for me this is a better way since it is automated with heals etc.


Some improvements if they are possible would be great as far as i have mentioned them in other threads already i will write them here again:


Bot Manager - for example having a function to "Group" bots together if you have for example 4x the same class 2x other class so it makes it easier to switch settings and fight classes also a function for start/stop all of them would be great instead of having 10 windows open this would reduce it to 2-3 windows for me.

Switch Range/Melee mode - for example a button to switch the "Fight class Range" from-to without having to open the fightclass and save it again. Maybe there could be a Range meter included from-to range example 1-35 range so the bots if they get pushed back or anything priotize first healing and then moving to the leader. right now they are just trying to get to the chosen follow range as fast as possible without healing or casting.

AOE Ground avoid -  to have a way to enter spell ID or name to avoid for example Void fields or AOE Fields from boss encounters.

Distance between characters? - I dont know how far this is possible to include but it would be very nice to have a function to spread out the characters a little more instead of just have a big mess of chars at the same position. for example a plugin or a way to say atleast 3-4 yards between toons.

Fightclass Switching - a new method to switch between fightclasses i tried out the plugin which is available but it is only targetting 1 window. 

Auto Accept rezz - a function like "Resurrect when dead" just for accepting rezz window.

Keep Distance - a Function which you can toggle on which will keep automatically a given Value of distance between you and target.

As far as of now i will keep the list this way.

If you guys have any other thoughts write it here so i can update the Thread.


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