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When adding NPC to blacklist


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When adding a NPC to blacklist, it requires a restart of wRobot to take effect.  Is there anyway to change this? I am assume it's impossible from my end (requires update to wRobot), because there are many bugged mobs around warmane so I plan on making an addon add a target to blacklist if it evades x times, or if a timer gets to large when trying to interact with a unit, but without npc blacklist refreshing without a wRobot restart, I wouldn't bother because it would be useless.  Also, I think npc blacklisting is a bit bugged, I added a npc that is below the ground to the blacklist, restart wrobot/wow, and the bot still tried to attack it. (I confirmed the mob was in the blacklist database)

Same issues applies to zone blacklist, I would like to be able to dynamically change zone blacklists without restarting wRobot.


Also, would like 

 fixed, this is a major bug and effects my profiles many times an hour and causes deaths which shouldn't happen.

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