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Heya, few questions before i buy the real deal :)

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I've been testing this bot out a bit Trial on Dalaran wow, and i kinda wanna know if the bot is stable in the longer run? I tested quite a lot of bots in my life, Pirox, wowmimic, Pvptools, and a lot of other stuff i don't remember the name of. Leveling the bot to level 10 on a warrior i wanted to gain some insight from the Veterans here on wrobot.

The bot is yet to run Dungeons as a team right? I recall Honorbuddy having a function of doing most 5 man dungeons together with all characters as bots. I found that really cool, but i never bothered with buying 5 accounts on retail to simply have fun with that. How hard is it/are the bot close to running a 5 man team dungeon?

I also saw that i have to add spells myself, i find the bot very impressing, don't get me wrong. But wowmimic had a feature that automatically added a rotation for the spells in 2008-2009. This is almost 9 years ago. It's understandable if the wrobot team is small, adding rotation for 1-80 might be a tiresome job, but is a option for automatic rotation feature to come?

The Automaton option is most easy and impressing, the 3d map is also very loveable. But i saw that when the bot is trying to pick up a herb, and he is attacked, he blackspot the herb. This makes leveling a charcater at the same time a gathering profession less useful, as it's not unusual for herbs and ores to be near mobs.

Seeing as this is still in BETA, is there anyone here who have botted 1-80 without heavy problems on 1x servers?

If i had experince in programming bots it would probably be very cool to help out in this project. Bots is almost a type of art. There is nothing cooler than making a bot Grind/quest your own profile to your desired level.

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i've used this bots for few months and i'm absolutely loving it. You can't currently 5man bot a dungeon YET but you can 4man bot it with leader as tank that you're playing yourself.

There is premade fight classes that you can download from downloads section. Maybe in near future Droidz will include the best fight classes for every class (?)

The blacklisting is 2 hour long but that's definely a bug if it ignores herb and moves on after fighting (Make bug report about it with details. I promise it will be taken care of)

I have botted 3 characters 1-80 on Warmanes Lordaeron with just a single banhammer (it was completely my fault. Mobs kept getting stuck in wall before Droidz added anti-evasion measurements that still need some work but i knew the risk and i took it and got hammered)

I started programming again just because of this bot. i've absolutely loved it and i just released my 13-60 wotlk horde questing profile!

If you see me at http://wrobot.eu/chat/ (i'm almost always there) come chat with me. I'm a wotlk botter too :)


Also. Before you buy the bot i've sent you a 1 month subscription license that allows you to bot with 1 character for next 25 days


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