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Problem with advanced settings (under general settings)


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Greetings, and thanks for a fantastic product.


The bot works really well, but i cannot make the window that pops up when you enter the advanced settings. It is to small to make out the different options, and this really screws me since i would like to level my mage. But i cant set up for when he should eat/drink etc, which i guess you do in those settings..


I have attached a screenshot to show you how it looks. Do anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?

Im using a 13.3 inch laptop to play on at the moment.


Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the quick response. Im afraid it did not completly solve my problem though. The window did get marginally larger, ut it is stil to small to do any settings or to see the different options. Do you have any more suggestions on how to solve the issue? Is it possible to edit the file manually with the information needed? (Type of drink to be used, food to be used etc)..



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