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Can it be? Too long Fight Class?


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I tried to make a perfect FightClass for arena.

First: I have created individual sections. So far, everything worked as intended.

Then I put them all together. He starts the fight, but then... it feels like, he is too busy. So he do not kick another time. First kick is perfect, then his kick gets ready... is ready... I am casting and casting ... AHHH KICK! -.- He should stun. Nothing happening. 5 secs later he is stuning me... It seems like he is waiting for another chance to do it right.

Ok, I try to explain it: 1.) kick, when target is in cast, 2) stun, when target is in cast. -> He kicks me... then I am casting for seconds, until he stuns me finally, when I am trying to cast. oO

Another problem: The skills further down, he never touches. In the logs he is just calculating to position about 50.

Ok, my list now have 200 variables with 20 to 30 points in each variable of buffs to have or not and so on.

So, is there a limit which can be handled from wrobot?

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Im not too experienced with this, but if you not have set "Unlock fps limit (improves reactivity)(needs restart)" in the Advanced General Settings, and your fight class is running at the default 25fps, its only updating the ticks on your spell prio so often. So if your spell list is very long , you would want to unlock fps and set fiight class fps higher. This may not be exactly right, but its along the lines. Also you might want him to stopcast for a kick. 


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25fps is a realy good choice. It's not for a reason that it's the default. Higher than 30fps is not recommended. Look on google and search for fps and wow, it will be explained in details.

If you have a long list with spells, it realy don't matter how you order your spells.

The bot looks at your spells, and go down from top to bottom, and then start over again. If a skill is ready, he use it. This process is soo fast, that the order of your spells is not relevant.

And that's the reason why the bot don't do things at the right moment.

In his memory he keep the true actions. So when he starts over from the beginning, he will do the true actions from his memory and add new true conditions to this list.

You never have a skill for the actually time. That's why it's hard to get a good healing class for this bot.

The only solution to this problems, is working with coroutines, what they did in Honorbuddy.

Droidz should look at the coroutines section of the Honorbuddy wiki to implent such a system.

That's why wrobot will never compete with honorbuddy in terms of dps.

I wrote alot of Routines for Honorbuddy with the same logic as I write routines for wrobot.

for example : my honorbuddy routine for feral druid and the routine for feral druid in wrobot, the difference in dps is like 12k in favor of Honorbuddy. That's huge.


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Coroutines mean more in depth If ..then conditions? Does the option  "Unlock fps limit (improves reactivity)(needs restart" not improve exactly this, correct skills at the right time? What about a combat routine like lazyraider? When you set fps to 60, its performing better because of sending more requests to the spell logic, or am i wrong?


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