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List of functions and how they work.


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I will be posting a list of funcs that i understand and do not understand completely and we can all fill them in together  :)


this will make profile and character settings a lot more easy for all to build.




These are the conditions functions for making a fight class - it is not complete, please update by posting what you know about them so we can get full explanations of these.




Pet Health Percent
Target Health Percent
Health Percent
Runic Power
Soul Shards
Holy Power
Dark Force
Light Force
Shadow Orbs
Burning Embers 

Demonic Fury
Arcane Chargers
Target Distance
Hostile Unit Near
Unit Attack Player Near
Hostile Unit Near Target
Unit Attack Player Near Target
Target Buff
In Battle Ground
Known Spell
C Sharp Code
Distance Pet To Target
Distance Me To Pet
Me Level
Target Level
Have Target
Have Pet
Me in Combat
Me in Move
Target in Move
Pet in Move
Target in Cast
Pet in Cast
Me in Cast
Target is Player
Target is Summoned
Is Spell Usable
Item Count
LUA Script
Target Pet is my Target
Target Targeting Me
Target Me or My Pet
Target Targeting My Pet
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