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Is there a way we can cast faster ?

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I was doing the STV competition and another bot came by, I knew it was a bot because its movement and other things we can spot faster than regular players XD

Anywayz, he was casting 3 times faster than WRobot, so I was wondering is there a way we can cast faster if the bobble doesnt hit the pools ? Also, the speed as he landed and casted was quite impressive.

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You can activate option "Improve combat rotation speed" in general settings. In your fight class you can increment "Frame per sec".

And it depends a lot on the fight class itself. If the fightclass using a lot of lua code, rotation is less rapid than you use only memory reading (and more you have spells/conditions less the rotation is rapid).

Try to remove all unused spells and conditions.

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On 30. 8. 2014 at 6:49 PM, da8ball said:

I meant to cast the fishing pole faster XD.  I dont think the rotation is used since it is just fishing, right ?

this is quite necro, but have you found out?

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