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Furry warr fight class [WOTLK]

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50 minutes ago, colderpotato said:



Not signed in

Thanks, didn't know people uploaded fight classes for the private servers outside the private server section, I guess I gotta look the other places as well before asking ;)

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17 hours ago, colderpotato said:

Lol check download section it's where i upload anything here

well if people upload their WOTLK files inside the download section, theres no point having the WOTLK section.

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2 hours ago, colderpotato said:

wotlk section is to talk about issues and thing related to bot, so makes no sense to me why wouldn't post in download section for files.


There is a specific WOTLK download section. The one you linked me is not IN the wotlk download section, its in the download section for retail.

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