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Grinder - Refuses To Attack Between Path Locations


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I've recently discovered your bot and decided to give it a try on a private server (TBC), but I'm having issues with the Grinder.  

I've set up a Fight Class and a profile for the grinder, but it doesn't target the mobs that are in the list. Even when I aggro a mob, my character continues to run the route without dismounting and killing the mob attacking me.

Is this a issue with the 2.4.3 version of the bot?

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Hello, no, if the mobs to target is in combat, you need to activate option "Can attack units already in combat" (in advanced general settings), you can also try to increment option "Max Units Near". if your problem is not resolved, can you share your log file please ( http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/ ). 


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