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Gatherer (skinning) ignore zone and mobs

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I tried some old profile I had (they always worked good) to do some skinning and somehow, the bot totally ignores the profile and the zone, and fly to another zone and skin random mobs. What's this? I tried re-creating a new profile with a path, and still the bot once launched instead of farming at sholazar the mobs i put in the list, and following the route, was flying straight to borean tundra to kill random mammoth.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm starting to think it's server-blocked somehow, because as already said the profiles were working time ago and even if now they don't work anymore ("somehow"), I created a new one and still got the same result. Tested on wErmane.

EDIT: It's not "gatherer" it's "grinder", typo in the topic tile.

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Now it's working for no reason. I mean I have closed and re-opened wow, the bot, restarted the computer and still I had the problem (that's why I opened the topic). Now randomly after some hours, the bot is working absolutely fine. Maybe some cache to clean somewhere? I don't know. :P


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