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I'm looking for Distance of target


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It's me agin, I'm doing some quest profile and i've got an issue At Redridge Mountains.

For the quest where I need to control an Ettin called "Saving Foreman Oslow".

As i've to do 2 task : UseItemOn and FollowPath i can't use the predifined class to do it.

So, I've add Some line of code.


1. RunMacroLua > /tar Canyon Ettin

2. IF > ObjectManager.Target.Entry == 43094 && ObjectManager.Target.IsValid && ObjectManager.Target.IsAlive

3. RunCode > ItemsManager.UseItem(58895);

4. endIf >


That works but I need to get closer to the target and as is write here that doesn't check the distance of target.

if you can help me to find a solution.

I need something like that : ObjectManager.Target.Distance <= 5

if Object.Manager.Target.Distance > 5 : Move to target or Attack Him


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I have finaly found how to check the distance of target with lua.

But i need one more data to be sure to go to the next step.

When I use item on the Ettin, he dissapear and a new one appear and this one is friendly.

So, how can i detect is this unit exist ?

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Distance check:


Unit check:

if (ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile().Where(u => u.Entry == 12345).Any())
     // Do something

You can easy extent the conditions for example "&& u.Distance < 40" ect.

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