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Bot not gathering fully and bot stuck


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Hi, I have 2 problems.

First, the bot when gathering herbs, if the bot get hits by a mob halfway when it is gathering, the gathering will be cancelled, and the bot will walk away from the herb without gathering it (as it think it already gathered the herb but no.)

Second, my bot keep getting stuck when I using a particular paid profile. The profile is very popular and no one else seem to complain about this problem so I think it might be my setting. (but I have used other gathering profile without any problem) Do you have any idea what is wrong?  Whenever I use it, the bot will suddenly stand still in a spot and stop moving. When I check the navigator logs or turn on the 3D mapping, it shows that the bot is constantly trying to move to a point ~1 yard underneath me under the floor (the yellow 3D path shows it constantly clicking under the ground), and it will be stuck there until I manually restart the profile. If I move him while the bot is on he will run back and keep clicking on the same spot. Logs say the same thing - just trying to move to coordinate (underneath me) and it repeats itself 10 times per second and floods the log. This occurs everywhere of the path at any time and so I cannot blacklist an area.


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Edit: I solved the issue. Basically I turned on the path randomizer, which probably randomized the path to be underground. Maybe this could be a bug fix for that function to not alter the Z cord so that it doesnt risk going down! 

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