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[BUG] Hunter :Automatic unwanted Tame trigger

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Hello again

I'm runing a dwarf hunter toon. I'm at level 14. I'm runing an updated version of my McRo Vanilla Hunter 1-10 Fight class (I'll post it shortly).

Everything was working as expected until I hit Darkshore.

Now, when I engage a beast, my toon start the combat like this :

  1. PetAttack(); (that's in my fightClass)
  2. Tame (Not in my fight class)
  3. keep on with the rest of my fight class

This action doesn't appear in regular logs (don't know/didn't look how to put WRobot in debug logging)

This action was not triggered on beasts in Teldrassil (not tested in other places, but might be linked to beasts level, not zone) 


I tried to add Tame to my Fight class, putting it inside parameters of the class so it is disabled by default, but it still triggers it.

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