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One quest + multple quest IDs + multiple NPC (pick&turnin)


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This question connected mostly to Kayn and Altrius for Demon hunters.

Quest description have all quest ids, example:

39261 //http://www.wowhead.com/quest=39261/call-of-the-illidari
39047 //http://www.wowhead.com/quest=39047/call-of-the-illidari

in NPC list i have both npcs. Kayn first in list, and have Turn In ids: 39261

Altrius second in list and have Turn In ids: 39047

When i choosed Kayn quest turnin successfully.

But when i choose Altrius, its dont.

I suppose Quester search first npc in list who have in Turn In any of QuestId related to that quest. But i need to get First NPC with exact turn-in id equal to current active quest ID, not WHOLE list of QuestId


any tips? what i can do ?




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maded dirty hook


	public static bool ClearKaynIfAltriusChoosed()
		if (ChoosedKayn)
			return false;

		var kayn = new List<int>(){
			//DH class hall
			//DH vengeance artifact

			//DH havoc artifact

			//DH azsuna
		foreach (var npc in Quest.NPCList)
			if (kayn.Contains(npc.Id))
				Log(" (Hook) Clear NPC='" + npc.Name + "' PickUp and TurnIn quests, because player choosed Altrius.");
		return true;


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