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Does anyone have Legion Flightmasters working in 7.1.5? Can't get mine to use them - bug?


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I found this old bug that describes sort of what I'm experiencing:

It is marked as fixed, and I am on latest WRobot, but I can't get taxis to work in legion. What am I missing? I checked Taxi tab in advanced options and its all turned on, but he just runs straight past flight masters. When I look at my FlightMaster DB, none of the Legion flightmasters are listed, but when I start the bot near them or even with them open, it doesn't add them.



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On 3/16/2017 at 6:02 AM, Droidz said:

Hello, do you have try to clear your taxidb or reinstall wrobot?

Hi Droidz,

I downloaded a fresh copy of WRobot and extracted/installed it to a different folder, updated it, and deleted everything in the flightpath DB.

I then selected a questing profile, stood right next to one of the Skyfire Triage Camp flightpath in Stormheim. Still nothing. It doesn't add it to the Taxi DB, doesn't interact with it, doesn't try to talk to it. nothing.

When I try to get the Frame name of the flight master or the Frame Name of the TaxiButton I want to use, to try to write my own C# to solve my problem, they both return .nil() in the chat window, instead of returning a frame name. So I can't get the standard Taxi system to work AND I can't code C# to do it for me because I can't get the TaxiButton Ids to click.


Is this supposed to work in legion?

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