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Questing in Custom profile


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Hi, I'm trying to combine questing with custom profile, I've added needed "QuestClass" and is accessing it from Run() func of my custom profile.

it works in general but fails to find any NPC for quest pickups/turinins and I found that it's not possible to add NPC list when declaring a QuestClass because it's read only.

So how to use QuestClass/QuestGrinderClass classes from a custom profile ? 

My search ended up at Quester.Profile.EasyQuestProfile.NpcQuest - I guess that is the list of Npcs that are used in QuestClass but I couldn't find a way to make it work...

My goal is to make a Custom profile which can do quests the same way Quester does but with an addition of my own methods for gearing up/navigation/auction house.

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Hello, with "custom profile" you can do what you want, but it is not easy way to do quest with. Why do you not use normal quest profile, you can use you own code/class

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