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(Bug) Keychain

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The bot don't detect the item if it is in the keychain.


like in quest: "The Hidden Key" id 328

where you get the key:


Any I'm using this:

return wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(2719) == 1;

to check for the key in the bag.



Just a note:

If i move the key from the keychain to the bag, then the issue is solved.

- Thinking about it - I have seen this problem in 2-3 other quests with the same structure (pick a key up that goes into the "keyring")

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11 minutes ago, insanity said:


I guess this is for a quester profile you are creating.
I dont really see why you have to check if you have the key in your bag since it should be provided for this quest.

For some reason the bot mixes up, mostly if there are more than 1 key.
So for now i also deleted it, but it should be really easy to expand the bag to include the keychain when it seach for items :)

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I still dont see why you need this check. Is it for quest turn in? If so, you can set the first quest objective to false. (Provided items related to quests are part of the quest objectives)


Edit: This is a workaround until Droidz have a look at it.

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