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Сonditions to check (FreeBagSlots/Gold)


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Hello! Please tell me is it possible to set the conditions in the bot to check the number of free slots in the bags and the amount of gold? I tried different options:

<QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="ObjectManager.Me.Gold >= 1000" />


<QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" />

<QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="ObjectManager.Me.FreeBagSlots =< 20" /> (MinFreeBagSlots also tried)


<QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" />

But these options do not work.

Is it even possible to set such conditions? And where do you can see the list of functions that can be used after "ObjectManager"?

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For gold i found "GetMoneyCopper" (for example wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.GetMoneyCopper <= 4990) аnd to check the number of slots in the bags "GetContainerNumFreeSlots" (for example wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.GetContainerNumFreeSlots <= 4), if I'm right.

P.S. No, this code not working (with GetMoneyCopper <= 4990 too):

if (wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.GetContainerNumFreeSlots <= 20)
    Lua.LuaDoString("local itemName, _, _, _, _, _, _, _ = GetItemInfo(6948); RunMacroText('/use ' .. itemName);");

I tried the code from this thread:


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