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The Trap for Battleground Botters

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This topic is refered to warrmane.

I manually joined the que for arathi basin and eye of the storm, 1h and 40m in que without bg popping. Then I removed que, joined random bg, istant que pop with SoTa.

Another time: i was multiboxing with 4 account, every one queued for Isle of Conquest (separately, not in group), 30-40 minutes passed, nothing. Removed the que with 1 char, re-queued for random bg, istant join Isle of Conquest.

This is 100% broken and intentional, forcing peope to join random battleground, and forcing random battleground to be Sota, IoC, and Alterac Valley (this one specially to motivate multiboxers).


Conclusion: if you use bot  for battleground, you spend 90% of time with deserter in your city. Just don't do it or play BG with your hands, for now.

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