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Timer Issues


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I have configured Relogger to match the guide but here is what happens...no wow / no wrobot.  Timer is going but nothing happens...



14:58:50 - Relogger 1.1.0 (20468) started.
15:00:39 - Start profile Profile name.
15:00:39 - Profile Profile name, Run task[1]: Run (Start)
15:01:40 - Profile Profile name stopped.
15:03:04 - Start profile Profile name.
15:03:04 - Profile Profile name, Run task[1]: Run (Start)
15:03:24 - Profile Profile name stopped.
15:03:28 - Start profile Profile name.
15:03:28 - Profile Profile name, Run task[1]: Run (Start)
15:04:08 - Profile Profile name stopped.

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