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Impossible while moving by the most Nodes


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I have a problem by farming Herbs with flymount. On the most Nodes i get the Message "Impossible while moving" 

I change the settiung to USE LUA TO MOVE, the same Problem

i try different settings by Latency 500-800, 1500-2500, 50-100, 2500-5000 alway the same Problem

in my logfile Wrobot writes "Farm succesful" bit in Game i get the error Message "Impossible while moving" 

When the Toon ist attacked before he is herbing after the fight he can herb with no Problems. 


I have the feeling that the problem occurs when the char lands directly from above on the herbs, 

If he lands just before it, it often works


Here is a logfile

Please help me to find a solution. I search now so many hours to fix the prblem by my self but a cant find anything.

2 Apr 2017 23H12.log.html

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