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AFK / Inactivity Logout


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Hello im new to this bot but I'm a long time botter who had most of the bots (pirox, cybot, nemesisbot, hb, up to 60 bots in vms 2 years ago, so basically I know what im doing). But I cant figure out why I have a lot of issues with afk flags which lead the bot to automatically logout. This doesnt even happen one time a day but pretty often. The bot install is very fresh and most of the settings were edited to make him simply run 24/7 herbing. CC is BoBs Blood DK Routine, I saw this on different profiles on different characters, so I guess it shouldnt be related to the profiles. The log shows nothing useful.

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I dont use TeamViewer or antivirus, all bots are setup in fresh virtual machines, only with all the vcredist stuff and that kbn update that the other bot requires.


When I disable use lua to move it actually worked out but then I had a lot of stucks in the profiles.

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