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**[Solved]**[Grinder Profile] Pet Battle while Grinding


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Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'm submitting it, Ive used Grinder for 1-30 so far, and converted a profile from mmolazy for 30-35 in southern barrens, then added the mob ids, The bot is attempting to run pet battles on a bunch of lvl1 adders and the toon doesnt even have pet battling trained, its giving me an error saying "Pet Journel is locked by another user on this account" I am multiboxing, but this should be irrelevant. I havnt noticed any settings in grinder that do petbattles while grinding, and I have looked. Im not trying to do pet battles, just wanna grind. I think I remember a setting for this in an earlier beta, but it was removed when the petbattle product was introduced. Curious to whats happening here, someone enlighten me? :)



Bug report:





I found a quick and dirty fix, if you change the min target level to 2 or something higher than the wild battlepets, then your ok.  This doesnt really fix whatever is going on, but it works.

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Hem that is weird.


There is a way to use more than one feature of this program at once, if you select it.


Maybe you selected it on accident and never reset you stuff?


reinstall the admin core and see if that works

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