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Nat's Hat lure stops working


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When using the fisherbot I set it up to use Nat's Hat lure.  It works ok for a bit then it starts giving an error -


[Debug] 13:04 - Spell(string spellName): spellName=Nat's Hat => Failed


Any idea why it fails?


All I can think of is lag doing it.  I start bot, it's working fine, walk away for 20 mins (or other amount of time) and come back to find the lure not working.

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I'm really not sure why it happens, but I notice that it may be tied into other things happening on the PC, like visiting a web page.  I still can't find a specific repeatable way to make it occur.  I do notice my character does make a quick, jerking move sometimes and that may have something to do with it.  I am not causing the move, it just happens ... a quick shift about half a step right before a cast.

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