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WRobot working on Windows 7 but not Windows 10 (TBC 2.4.3)


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Hi guys, having difficulties using the bot on my Windows 10 PC. It runs fine on my Windows 7 machine.

WoW is running in 32 bit, Skype is closed, firewall is disabled, have all the DX, .Net packages installed, tried running in non DX and normally (both as admin).

The bot seems to hook to the game and update everything correctly however when you select a product and click play nothing happens.

The log says:


[E] 13:09:42 - grzGRDSFfezfsgfvsdg decrypt.
13:10:11 - [BG] Loaded
[D] 13:10:11 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 0 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True).

and just hangs. Doesn't que for the BG, doesn't do automation or anything. I've seen this guy also had the same problem and never found a solution: https://wrobot.eu/bugtracker/bot-not-activating-when-started-a-mode-r715/

Any suggestions to fix the issue please? Is there any Windows 10 features that are installed/on as default that could be disturbing it?

Also worth noting on the Windows 7 PC the Play button turns into a Stop button when clicked and its running. On the Windows 10 PC the Play button doesn't respond / turn into a stop button as shown in the picture:


Cheers! :) 

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