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Some c# Vanilla fightclass questions

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Hi guys/Girls

I'm working on some fightclasses for vanilla, but i have some questions.

First of all to make it a little simpler, I am working on the "pre WOD" fightclass sample, that droidz posted here:



My first question is:

How do i stop auto attacking after changing form ? like when i go back to human to heal, it just keep spamming auto attacks instead of healing me. 


My 2 question is:

How do i make it check if there are more than 1 target like:

ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer > 1


My 3 question:

How do i get it to change target?


And my Final question is:

I can't seems to get it to cast "Faerie Fire (Feral), working with other buffs / debuffs with:

SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA(""Faerie Fire (Feral)");

but that one just wont work :s




@Droidz ??




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Hello Arcangelo,

About the "Fearie Fire (Feral)" casting issue i used a workaround, it's lame but gets the job done:  i placed the spell Fearie Fire (Feral) into the 1st position of the 3rd actionbar and then i call RunMacroText("/click MultiBarRightButton1") from the custom class as lua code.


Using the same principle you could stop attacking by using running the macro text "/stopattack" (not sure if it works on vanilla).


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