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Dont save settings after last update


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After last update settings for each window works wrong.

First time I thought on my antivirus, but now it's switched off, but settings still doesn't work

About problem step by step.

I have 4 wow accs. So I make settings on first (mailing, search radius etc.), save it. With other the same.

Bots run with pauses, so after pause relogger runs new gather tasks and use for each one bot default profile, without any settings. If I press stop all - start all, he use saved settings for each profile ( but for one he used settings from other profile, there is other mail recipient)

Reinstalled bot today, antivirus switched off, all .exe files of bot - from administrator.


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[E] 02:59:24 - ReloggerProfile > KillWRobotProcess(): System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Отказано в доступе
   в System.Diagnostics.Process.Kill()
   в Relogger.Classes.ReloggerProfile.KillWRobotProcess()

This is error in relogger, after it starts a task after pause. 

Switched off "Read only" for c:/wrobot

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I don't know, now bot saved some profiles, but cant load correct setting's profile. He loads bot2's profile, for bot1, and if I change profile, save, and relog - same happens.

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relaunched all bots after update, all get correct settings. Will write one more time, when it lauch after pause. ty

Seems to me everything is ok

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